July 08, 2003

Saw Terminator 3 over the weekend. I don't think I've ever seen a movie more obviously designed for no other purpose than to make someone a lot of money. Problematic plot, shallow characterizations, average action sequences, and an ending left wide open for more of the same. This movie should have never made it to the theater. I don't normally complain about movie ticket prices, but $10 a head is a bit much for something that is really no more than a special two-hour preview event for a new television series.

Interesting trend, though, this summer. Are we really that afraid of technology out of control? Is it a real fear that we may be eclipsed by our own inventions? Perhaps it is time to start thinking about broadening the definition of multiculturalism. Or maybe to be more respectful of more things, from the natural systems we abuse to the artificial systems we create and enslave.

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