August 13, 2013

Pesto Time

pesto making time
I admit I have a tendency to over-stock. I routinely add extra fabric to whatever I think I'll need for a project. I like to have extra time to get from here to there. My idea of what is "enough" food to have on hand is frankly a bit ridiculous. I keep a pantry like I imagine someone might if they lived on a tiny forested island where the nearest grocery store was 100 miles and a boat ride away. If we ever have a real zombie apocalypse, I know of several people who plan to come camp at our house, since at least we'll have food for a few more days. Will a zombie hold off on eating your brain if you can keep it supplied with pasta? In a variety of sauces?

Pesto, however, seems to be one thing I don't over make. A dozen little jars in the freezer and we've got pesto for ravioli, pizza, spreading on focaccia, adding to minestrone, and more until next basil season. Three nice bunches of basil from Whistling Train Farm and I've got my collection of 1/2 cup jars all put away for the year.
pesto making time
Sorry, zombies, there's not enough pesto here for you. You'll have to make do with tomato sauce.

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