June 13, 2013

Summer Journal: Strawberries

Strawberries from our garden. We eat them with breakfast, sometimes for dessert, sometimes when no one is looking. Caitlyn thinks our plants will make enough for jam. She's probably right, if the ripe berries from today could be held in perfection for a couple of weeks. Since they can't, we'll eat them instead.

Oh, darn.


  1. I'm sure I've read that you can use frozen berries quite successfully in jams? You could stockpile :)

    1. Well... sorta funny story. We go strawberry picking every summer (or at least we have ... not sure yet if it'll happen this year) and last year I picked something on the order of 35+ pounds of berries. Partly because Caitlyn has liked frozen strawberries in her lunches at school, partly because I had plans for jams, and partly because it was a pleasant outing and I just picked a lot of berries. I still have about 5 1-gallon bags in the freezer. So, those are more or less destined for jam at this point. And my pantry is a bit on the full side when it comes to jams/butters/jellies. So, while I'm sure I could use frozen berries in jams, I'm not sure I need more of them!