November 20, 2007

Finally! Someone has made a social networking site that I can get excited about! I've poked around at some of the social networking sites before, and I have a couple of profiles out there. I usually forget about them until one of the sites sends me an update email, "We've added wacky new features!"

But, this one I'll probably be on a lot. It's the social networking site for obsessive readers (ie, me!): GoodReads. Find the books you've read, rate them, comment on them, find other people who like the same books you like, organize your books into any categories you like. I especially like that I now have a place to keep track of the books that I want to read someday, but which aren't a good fit for the library's hold list (the wait is too long and I'll fall off the list before the book arrives or the library doesn't have it or I own the book already but it's no longer in the pile of to-reads by my desk).

So, in all shamelessness, come to GoodReads and
be my friend!

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