June 12, 2007

As one of the neighbor kids said, "Caitlyn talks a lot."
  • "liddy" (for little)
  • "apricoter" (for helicopter)
  • "wa-koff" (for washcloth)
  • "cee-ning" (for ceiling)
  • "bono-ateet" (for bon appetit)
  • "mines" (logical, since "yours" ends in an "s")
She's also discovered the first person pronoun, although she's not terribly consistent with it. "I'm ready to be awake," is just as common as "Caitlyn get a book."

And we have begun trying to differentiate between "want" and "need":
"Need more Mama cereal."
"You don't need it, you want it."
"I want more Mama cereal."
"How do you ask?"
"More Mama cereal, peas."

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