April 30, 2007

This morning, Caitlyn paused in her attempts to "play" with Wasabi to stand in front of the oven and study her reflection in the oven door. She placed her feet wide apart and started doing baby lunges side to side, sometimes looking vaguely like she was also trying to do sideways bends. "Exercising," she said to her reflection. "Exercising."

I have no idea where she learned this. Certainly not from me, as focussed exercising appears to be out of the range of possibility for me these days. I've tried doing yoga with Caitlyn in the room with me; she thinks that it's just so much fun to keep me from any peaceful, focussed breathing and then, when I'm in the downward facing dog pose, to sit underneath me. "Caitlyn, you need to move. Mama needs to get down and she can't until you move. Caitlyn, please move. Mama's going to fall down soon. Caitlyn. Please. Move." She thinks this is funny and tries to duplicate my pose while still being underneath me. I've not tried yoga with Caitlyn since.

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