March 27, 2007

More things Caitlyn says:
  • "mok" (for milk)
  • "fok" (for fork - dining at other people's houses can be so much fun... "Fok! Fok! Fok!")
  • "plow-wo" (for pillow)
  • "inch-ada" (for enchilada)
  • "wha-wha-gigs" (for whirlygigs)
  • "finging" (for swinging, a favorite activity)
  • "nik-el" (for nipple)
  • "upsie down" and "upsie up" (for upside down and right side up)
  • "see water" (for sea otter)
  • "Mama drive now" (upon being buckled into her carseat)
  • "basketball" (for the action of throwing an object in an upwards direction, used as in "Basketball Caitlyn!", loosely translated as "Throw me in the air and catch me!")

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    My daughter Lily says:

    "Magoo"--milk/kefir smoothie
    "Chibbies"--rice crispies
    "Os" -- Cheerios
    "Foak" -- fork
    "Poon" -- spoon
    "Mupple" -- nipple
    "Go fast, mommy/daddy" -- upon being buckled in to her carseat
    "Up high in ky" -- throw me up high in the sky and catch me!
    "It's darking" -- It's getting dark
    "Big goah" -- I'm a big girl

    Take care,
    Campy Only