February 21, 2007

The Seattle Zoo has a tiger cub! She's off public viewing, but the video that the zoo posts is oh-so-adorable. It's just possible to catch yourself thinking, So cuddleable! ...and then remember that she's going to grow up to be 8 feet long, 200+ pounds, and have a meal preference of 85 pounds of raw meat. That's just too much cat for this house. Not to mention too much meat. No, I think we'd better stick to felis domesticus.

In other news, Caitlyn has her first set of Duplo Legos. She calls them "new Legos" and is particularly enchanted with the "peoples". They are often "sit downing" in "truck" except for when they are "sleepy". Then, they are "lay downing" and need "blankies", frequently all the blankets on Caitlyn's bed, so they can "ny-night". This morning, the panther and the penguins were the favorites, although they were abandoned at the top of the stairs in favor of "mog on cer-real, pease".

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