June 09, 2006

The other day, I noticed a billboard advertising Nestle's new CoffeeMate, now not just non-dairy but soy. The ad was making a connection between the curved shape of the CoffeeMate bottle and the curved shape of a toned female waist. One more product pushing the miracle of the soybean... lose weight, stay in shape, be hot and sexy all by adding Soy CoffeeMate to your coffee.

I thought it was all a bit ridiculous really. Nothing against the soybean, but it's hardly a miracle food that can cure everything. Still, I wasn't expecting to be validated quite so soon: The Seattle Times recently ran an article summing up some recent studies which indicate that while soy is certainly good for you and a near complete protien, it doesn't cure cancer, reverse heart disease or relieve hot flashes. They didn't say it, but I think it's safe to assume that soy products alone will not make you lose weight or give you a nice trim figure without all that pesky exercising.

Sorry, CoffeeMate. I'll go have myself a latte, with whole milk, and sugar, and hazelnut syrup... because when I drink coffee I'm having a moment to enjoy myself, not obsess about how this might be the gram of fat that does me in.

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