April 21, 2006

Ian pointed me to The Brick Testament this morning... Bible stories lovingly illustrated in LEGO! Which, of course, raises the question: Does LEGO make little Egyptian headpieces for little LEGO people? And if so, what doesn't LEGO make?

The fun thing about The Brick Testament is that by rendering the stories in LEGO tableaux, it reinforces the story nature of them. Nothing quite like being able to pop headgear off and on as Isaac blesses his sons. Humans tell each other stories, to share experiences, to explain things, to answer The Big Questions. We have told stories regardless of culture, throughout history. Maybe story-telling, not speech or humor or morality or whatever else has been suggested, is what sets us apart from the animals.

The Bible is a collection of stories, perhaps our greatest, oldest anthology. As much as we might wish that it were instead a simple checklist "How to Live a Good Life," it's more complicated. Kind of like life.

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