August 06, 2003

I moved the avocado that was rooting in a jar of water in the kitchen window to a pot the other day, making first time introductions between roots and soil. I've trimmed the top of the tree to encourage branching, but I need to pay attention to all forms of growth to keep it a manageable size. Can you banzai avocado trees? If you do, what size avocados do you get?

Also had to severely prune the philodendron. I like the trailing leaves effect, but all attempts to root in the carpet must be curbed immediately.

Finally finished Shogun. I think the reason I don't remember actually finishing it before is that the climax happens about 100 pages before the end of the book. Everything after that point is just tying up loose ends. Odd that in 1100 pages there's perhaps three or four things that conclude; everything else just comes to a convenient stopping point.

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