June 26, 2003

I don't appear to be doing too well on the daily part of this journal. Interesting how I can become so caught up in finding approval and validation from outside myself that I actually end up sacrificing myself.

Extremely strange dream. For the last year or so, I have had a thread pop up in my dreams: I'm in high school, and I know I have this English class, but I go so infrequently I can't remember when the class meets or if anything is due. Somehow, this has only been mildly concerning. Last night, I dreamt I ran into the teacher for that class, but instead of finding out what I might have missed, I told her about this on going dream thread from other dreams. (It's crazy, Mrs. C. I keep dreaming I'm supposed to be in your class , but I never get there and nobody seems to think that's a problem.) So, not only do I have a continuing thread in my nighttime subconscious ramblings, but I refer to it in other dreams.

Saw the Hulk last weekend. A perfectly respectable movie, but somewhat lacking in emotional connectivity. I enjoyed the experience of watching it, but I seem to have left the movie, its narrative, and any point it was trying to make, back in the theater. The most memorable thing for me? That big green man is still wearing purple shorts.

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